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Let’s renovate your garage in only 5 days!

Instead of a dusty and hard to clean garage, park your car in a place that it deserves!

Garage floor painting service

We keep three things in mind besides aesthetics when planning the flooring of your garage. It is important that the floor of the garage is:

  • easy to clean and easy to keep dust-free
  • resistant to wear and tear
  • moisture resistant from liquids such as oils, gasoline, and cleaning products

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Epoxy resin is a popular coating for garage floors

In this floor finishing technique, we use Rust-Oleum epoxy paint in Mocha color complemented with decorative colored chips. It is a relatively easy material to work with that produces striking results. An area as big as a single car takes a few days of work, since it requires multiple layers of high-pressure cleaning, the treatment of muriatic acids, a 24-hour drying test, and finally the careful application of the product.

Before we apply the epoxy, we remove loose bits such as concrete residue and other dirt with coarse sanding discs and clear the dust with an industrial vacuum cleaner. I mark the footing at the correct height with adhesive tape. In the case of a curved footing, I fill the space between the wall and the footing with a flexible, fast curing, and paintable sealant, which will match the colors of the epoxy resin floor.

Why does epoxy garage floor coating take 5 days to apply?

After painting the footage, I mix the epoxy in accordance with the absorbency of the floor and start applying it with a foam roller from the deepest point in the garage moving outwards and dragging another roller across to smooth the layer. I spread the epoxy evenly over the surface in opposite directions, making sure not to step where the surface has already been smoothed over.

Second layer of epoxy

The second layer of epoxy can be applied when the first coat is dry, which takes a minimum of 8-12 hours at about 70 °F. It is important, however, that the second coat is applied within 24 hours of the first coat. The second coat is applied the same way as the first coat. After the application of the second coat, it is best to seal the space so that nothing can stick into the epoxy as it dries. The epoxy floor should be ready to step on the next day with 74+ °F (50% humidity levels).

After 4 days, the epoxy floor is ready to withstand weight and your new garage is ready for your car. The first use of cleaning products is advised 7 days after the application of the epoxy.


Painting a new garage floor

Clean and paint garage floor

Painted garage floor florida

Easy to clean and dust-free surface

Single car garage = 5 days of work

Multiple layers of wear- and moisture resistant coating

Cleaning products recommended 7 days after application

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How to paint your garage floor?

Garage floor
Garage floor painting florida
Garage floor painter florida
Garage floor painted florida

Garage wall spray painting

There are instances when it is better to spray paint an area instead of using a roller because it produces a more even and streak-free surface. Additionally, for certain surfaces, such as popcorn ceilings, it is the optimal solution since the roller cannot effectively get into the small crevices. When using spray paint, careful and thorough protection covering is essential.

Spray painting with protective covers

I pay careful attention to covering the surrounding area when I spray paint. I put protective covers on the floors, windows, doors, and all furniture before I apply any paint. I prepare the walls the same way I do when I paint with a roller and brush: I make small repairs by patching and clear the walls of any dust. The advantages of spray painting are that it applies paint evenly on the whole surface, it is fast, and the application is easy for an experienced professional. During the spray-painting process, nobody can step into the space without protective clothing due to safety reasons.

After I am finished, I make sure to properly ventilate the space.

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