Interior painting service

An approximately 1200 sq ft empty house with an average ceiling height and walls in good condition takes about 2 days of work to paint. I would complete the job with 2 coats of paint, minor repairs, and general cleaning.

Interior wall painting service

Fresh coat of paint or wallpaper installation Saint Augustine FL

I am a local painter in the Saint Augustine area. My goal is not only to deliver excellent results but also to fulfill my client’s wishes as soon as possible. Hiring local will save you time and money! Moving into a freshly painted home is one of the most uplifting feelings there is. Home renovation and painting is an integral part of feeling comfortable and at peace in your home.

Fresh coat of paint

Do the walls of your home look faded, worn, and dirty? Would you like them to look new but also save time and money? You just need to touch them up with a fresh coat of paint. As long as you want the same color that you had previously and you don’t need serious wall repairs, choosing a fresh coat of paint is a budget friendly option.

Drip-free painting is an important aspect of a job and a must for keeping our clients happy. In preparation for painting, I cover everything with 2 layers of protective film, making cleaning up hassle-free. You don’t want to be scrubbing for weeks after getting you walls painted!

Interior wall painting job example:

  • approx. 1200 sq ft empty house  = 2 work days 
  • 2 coats of paint, minor repairs, general cleaning
Help! We have a leak! Repair and painting

Drip-free painting

Fresh coat of paint

Wall painting ideas

Disinfecting the surface

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Painting room - preparation - in Saint Augustine, Florida
Painting room recoloring- in Saint Augustine, Florida
Painting room recoloring- in Saint Augustine, Florida
Painting room in Saint Augustine, Florida

New year, new homes, new challenges, new colors! Multicolor wall paint ideas

This year is off to a great start, since our first job of 2021 was in a precisely developed, high quality, beautifully and with great attention to detail, newly built by the owner, 3 story family home. We had the pleasure of painting the entire interior of the house in the new 2021 Pantone light grey color in almost every space creating a harmonious atmosphere in the home, that was accentuated by the white closets and the one shade darker grey bathrooms.

It was greatly satisfying seeing the progress day to day and the gorgeous final result of our hard work. My client’s joy adds to my happiness and gives me even more motivation for my next project!

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Michael Romani
Michael Romani
Peter and his team are extremely professional! I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs interior paint, exterior paint, or cabinets. We initially were only going to paint the interior and cabinets, him and his team did such a good job that we had him come back for the exterior paint and I’ve recommended them to everyone I know.
C *
C *
SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY. The MultiColor Painting team are experienced, great people, and offer highly competitive prices. From initial contact to the timely delivery of a detailed bid, to the completed project, MultiColor Painting delivered beyond our expectations. The team is dedicated to excellence and punctuality, Every day was a new chapter for our ugly-duck house. It is now beautiful! They completed on schedule (despite rain) by working harder. We've never seen a company so determined to combine quality and service. We always try to support local businesses. MultiColor Painting of St. Augustine hit it out of the ballpark! Our house exterior is perfect. We highly recommend this company. We will hire them again, for the interior.
Kenneth Revennaugh
Kenneth Revennaugh
Great communication and the owner is a good person to talk to on the goal. The service was very good and overall cost is reasonable and timely. The quality of the workmanship and materials used was excellent. I would definitely recommend using this company.
Joan Turner
Joan Turner
Peter and his crew were fantastic. They were punctual, efficient and there to get the job done. Peter was there every morning for feedback and to make sure I was completely happy with the process:) I would definitely recommend Multicolor Painting and use them again myself.
Allay Information
Allay Information
They were efficient, fair, and did a great job painting. Thank you!
Shawn and Adam
Shawn and Adam
We recently purchased our home and had to coordinate repainting from several thousand miles away. Peter and his team gave us a quote and had the job done in a matter of days after the sale closed. We're so happy with the result, the place looks and smells fresh and the process was very easy with great results and communication. Thank you!
Summer Perritt
Summer Perritt
Peter did an excellent job painting my kitchen cabinets! The color came out better than imagined and so quickly too! Professional and Efficient.
Daryl Perritt6
Daryl Perritt6
I was skeptical when he said "my cabinets would come out like new". But he was right on
Susan Rowe
Susan Rowe
Everything about the work Multicolor did in my new home was professional. Communication was timely; the work Peter and his team did was meticulous. And they did a spacious condo in less than three days. Could not have been a better experience. And the cost was very reasonable. Thank you to Peter and his team.

The correct installation of wallpaper 

Wallpapering a 1200 sq foot empty home with walls in good condition (without major cracks and holes) takes about 1 week to complete. I prepare the wall by the professional removal of the previous wallpaper, I make small reparations on the wall with patching, and at last, I carefully install the wallpaper so its fits together perfectly.

Call us for: wallpaper installation in Saint Augustine Fl

Wallpaper was very popular for decades before it went out of style. However, a few years ago wallpaper started making its comeback and now there is a wide selection of patterns to choose from. It gives you freedom in home décor because it makes any idea achievable. It is very important that you entrust a professional to put up your wallpaper because thick, fiberglass, and silk wallpaper all have to be handled differently.

The correct installation of wallpaper involves using a special glue. Wallpaper is always applied from the top of the wall and smoothed down- and outwards. Air bubbles are avoided by smoothing out from the middle of the paper to the edges. Precision is important, particularly with striped and patterned wallpaper, so that it fits together perfectly. I always tailor the wallpaper to the exact size of the wall, guaranteeing flawless work. Once it’s up, all you have left to do is admire the finished work.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Mold starts to grow where humidity levels are above 75% for over 72 hours. What can we do to fight mold? If we keep the humidity levels in check, we can completely avoid the formation of mold. One of the main causes of mold in Florida is due to the colder air-conditioned air creating condensation as summer temperatures outside skyrocket. If the problem already occurred, after getting rid of the root of the mold, disinfecting the surface and putting a fresh coat of paint is essential for the occupants’ safety. Feel free to reach out if I can be of service.

Home improvement every 6 months?

Nobody likes to have their house painted semiannually or annually. That is why it is important to choose a professional painter. With a paint contractor license and over 10 years of experience, I can assure you won’t be disappointed with my work.

Do you need any ideas for your painting project? Take a look at my previous work! You can browse through before and after pictures in my gallery as well as photos taken during the work process. For customized ideas please feel free to reach out to me!

What color should i use for my wall?

White and bright colors make your room look more spacious, while dark colors do the opposite. In case of long, narrow spaces, using bright colors on side walls and darker colors on the end wall will create the illusion of a wider space. Test your color in multiple spots of the room if you are uncertain. This will give you an idea of how the color will appear and also let you familiarize yourself with the new look.

Read more: Choosing Your Primary and Complementary Colors

Room painting process

Furniture covering before painting
Filling cracks
Wall repair before painting
Finished room painting

Room painting project: before and after painting

Toilet before painting
Toilet after painting
Furniture covering before painting
Room after painting
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