Choosing the appropriate colors to match your garden’s ambiance, creating a uniform and harmonious look, and applying paint to the furniture and garden ornaments is a complex task. The wide variety of textures that appear in your garden requires many different techniques and paint materials.

Popular surface materials in the garden include stone, wood, metal, brick, or a combination of these. No wonder that most people hire professional painters to complete these exterior painting jobs! Ten years of experience on the job and the quality paints of Sherwin Williams makes this task easier for me.

Let me give you a few basic principles before I show you step-by-step how to treat different surfaces and what techniques and materials to use for each:

Make sure to always take into consideration how vacant or crammed your garden is. If the garden has a lot of empty space with only a few ornamental plants and furniture pieces, you can bring more life into it by using strong and vivid colors. If there is already too much too see in your garden, choose a light or pastel color combination, to give your plants a good background and keep the attention on the special ornamental pieces in the garden.

I always spend extra time on the application and pay special attention to the execution of exterior projects because the objects in the garden are more exposed to environmental effects, such as fading due to constant sunlight. If the paint gets damaged, it has to be repaired as soon as possible! With careful sanding of the dry surface and repainting, you can prevent moisture from seeping under the paint and damaging your ornament or furniture.

Let’s Paint the Old Furniture Too!

Many people throw away their old garden furniture, even when it is still in salvageable condition. Some furniture pieces are easy to refinish, and with little bit of determination and quality paints we can turn them into the centerpieces of our garden.

First, I remove all the cracked paint from the surface of the furniture. I usually work with an electric sander, but for smaller and more detailed surfaces I use cloth backed abrasives or sandpaper to avoid damaging the wood.

After sanding, I dust and apply Sherwin Williams exterior wood primer, which protects the wood from mold, fungal growth, and insect damage. In the next step, we can start the application of the second primer with the Sherwin Williams multi-purpose primer in two coats. At last, I apply Sherwin Williams enamel paint in one or two coats of the chosen color to provide perfect coverage and the expected color effect.

Fence Maintenance Tips

There are many different fencing options with a variety of materials and designs to choose from. Besides aesthetics, it is important to keep in mind maintenance requirements when choosing your fence. Let me help you navigate the variety of fence materials, such as wood, steel, concrete, and others.

Wood fencing paint in the garden

Wood fencing is without a doubt very appealing, creating a friendly and inviting vibe for your garden. These fences don’t only create a natural look, but they carry endless possibilities: we can burnish, varnish, paint the wood, and customize it any way we like. Of course, a natural pine fence is beautiful in itself.

This category also includes the popular and functional lamella fencing, designed for visual protection as well as enhancing the appearance of your yard. It is mostly used for patio fencing, but not matter where it goes, it is also perfect support for climbing plants and vines.

I would be happy to do the yearly maintenance and repainting of your fences. With some regular care, your fence will keep its stunning appearance for a long time. Feel free to give me a call! I’ll do an in-person survey and give you a customized quote! Call now: 1(904)217-9681

Steel and Metal Fencing

In the last few years, steel and metal have become more and more popular for fencing. Probably, their biggest advantage against wood fencing is that they do not require regular maintenance. If you are tired of having to sand your fence every 1-2 years, then steel or metal fencing is the perfect solution for you! Maintenance and a fresh coat of paint are only needed every 3-5 years. Give me a call, I would be glad to help you with the restoration of this kind of fence as well!

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