Choosing the right bedroom wall color is important for calm and restful nights. If we paint the net with colors that suit our taste and color psychology, we have already done a lot for good sleep and rest. So we have come up with some tips so that you can choose the best alternative from the long color palette.

Bedroom wall color ideas

Pastel colors, well known and loved by many, can be excellent options for the bedroom due to their calming effect. In addition, you can choose matching pieces of furniture with playful ease. But, if, for example, the size of the bedroom is very small, and even its furniture consists of rather loud colors, then we should think in white, off-white! Because these shades optically enlarge the space and soften the bright colors.

The wall color of the bedroom cannot be only pastel

We don’t necessarily have to exclude gray and black from the list of options when thinking about the colors of the bedroom. The only important thing is to treat them in moderation. With a little planning and creativity, we can create an intimate, pleasant room with these colors. But it is certain that a warm colored lamp and colorful decorations will not hurt in any way.

If the existing bedroom furniture is gray, for example the bed, wardrobe or the door and window frames, then white and beige wall colors go well with it. However, if the furniture and accessories are quite dark gray, then we can also choose light gray as the wall color. So that the overall effect does not have a gloomy atmosphere, it is worth combining it with white wall sections or 3D wall panels. Also, of course, a patterned wallpaper with different shades of gray can provide an exciting effect.

Grey bedroom

Light and colors 

In addition to comfort, one of the biggest drivers of sleep is light. It doesn’t matter how big windows, curtains or blinds we have, and what intensity of light our night lights and mood lights can let in. It is a common fact that the darkest possible room is good for restful sleep, as the light-sensing system warns you that it is time to wake up. However, excessive darkness can also be deceiving, as we do not perceive what time it is, what time of day it is, and how much time we still have to rest. It is worthwhile to find an intermediate solution and, in addition to lightness, also place great emphasis on colors. That is why we do not recommend monochromatic black or dark gray walls in a bedroom, but always combine them with lighter shades.

Bright colors in the bedroom

And if your favorite colors include shades of yellow, bright green, red or burgundy, then display them in accessories. Because these colors have an invigorating effect, so they can even cause sleeping difficulties. If you want to lay the foundation for long nights of sleep, then stick to the deep blue walls. Also, choose lighter colors for your bedroom furniture.

Everyone needs a little cheerfulness in the morning, so the appetite- and energy-boosting yellow hues in the kitchen can have a great effect on our mood. If we talk about the colors of the children’s room, then bright green can look good for both boys and girls. Purple is a great choice for creative spaces, and silver is recommended for the entrance to the hall. Lunch can be especially good in the company of white shades, while orange shades can be the star of the study. So bright colors also have a place in the apartment, but not in the bedroom.

I hope that with my advice it will be easy for you to choose the right wall colors for the bedroom, however, if you would rather entrust the task to a professional painter in the Saint Augustine area, feel free to call me for a free quote. Call now: 1(904)217-9681

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