House Painting Projects 2023

Here are more pictures of a few of my exterior house painting projects in Saint Augustine. Let me introduce you to some of the colors and surfaces I have worked with.

Clean coat of paint of this tidy cottage in St. Augustine

This small and tidy cottage has just been upgraded with a clean coat of paint. After a thorough pressure washing, it was repainted with the same color, but a shade lighter. Sherwin Williams Atmospheric compared to the original color, was the best possible choice for this quaint corner house. Only the color of the entrance door change significatly. Changing from blue to gray gave it a more fashionably chic look.


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    Summer colors for your home in Florida

    Bright and intense summer colors are still popular :).  And why not?  We are in sunny Florida, and right next to the coast. Start the year with a bold and exciting color for your home. You’ll see that everything will be brighter :D.


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      Summer colours for your home in Florida


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