Painting the fence becomes timely if it has not been treated for years and has been tormented by the weather. In addition, it is worth bringing it into line with the exterior of the house, if it has acquired a new color in the meantime. In the months without precipitation, everyone remembers that it would be good to put things around the house in order. In such cases, the fence is always discussed, what kind of fence paint is ideal, what steps should be taken to paint the fence, and so on. In this article, I will tell you everything about fence painting, whether you have a wooden, chain link or vinyl fence, you should read the article through before you start redecorating it at home.

What colour should I paint my fence?

Let’s start with the colors first! There are many colors of fence paint available, but there are popular and proven colors that I always recommend to my clients when they are at a loss for color choices. Black fence paint is usually a good choice for metal chain-link fences, while I recommend white for wooden fences. It is also important when choosing a color that it matches the color of the facade of the house. White fence paint, for example, goes very well with any color, and especially with the popular light gray wall color and accessories, because it brightens the overall picture and frames it. However, if, for example, the exterior wall color is green and you want to associate it with a brown fence, it is also easy to do, because the color palette you can choose from is very wide. Deck and fence painter near me: Call now: 1(904)217-9681

Fence painting - Florida

Can you paint chain link fence?

In the case of metal fences, we can talk about fences made of steel, wrought iron, or galvanized wire. Chain-link fences are relatively easy to install, light and cheaper, which is why you can still find them in many places. However, their maintenance and repainting is a more difficult task and installing a new one is often easier than painting it. Let’s see what we can do if we decide to repaint! We can paint it in several ways, we can also use a brush, paint roller or spray gun.

The task would be very slow and time-consuming with a brush, so I don’t usually recommend this. On the other hand, the roller covered with silk effectively paints the chain-link fence. The wider the paint roller you choose, the faster you can progress with the task.

The chain link fence must also be prepared before painting, and if there is a previous layer of paint on it, it must first be completely removed. Grinding is not an easy task if the fence is not a solid chain link fence, but can be pushed in by hand, for example. In such cases, it is advisable to dismantle the chain-link fence for preparation or to support it from the other side, as we are currently sanding with a machine sander. When we are done with one side, we continue sanding while supporting the other side. After sanding, degreasing follows, and then we treat the surface with an anti-corrosion primer. We also use the paint roller and support for these steps. Finally, the last step is painting in at least 2 coat of paint.

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Can you spray paint a chain link fence?

It is best to use spray paint to paint chain link fences. The preparatory operations must be carried out in the same way as I described in the previous steps. After preparation, the chain-link fence can be easily painted with the spray paint, but it is annoying that the surrounding coverings must be protected with foil!

How to paint a vinyl fence?

Painting vinyl fences is much easier than painting metal or wooden fences. I should also mention here that the big advantage of vinyl fences is that it is not necessary to paint them during installation, because their coloring lies in their material and they do not need an extra layer of paint. However, if you want a different color or if it has been damaged by the sun over the years, you can paint it.

The painting itself is much simpler in the case of vinyl fences, because the materials are stable, do not rot, and do not warp like, for example, wood. It is important that before you buy paint, ask the fence manufacturer what product they recommend for painting the fence. In general, it can be said that the preparatory operations for painting will be similar here as in the case of other fences. A rough sanding, thorough degreasing, rinsing, drying will be necessary, and then painting can begin. This is how a vinyl fence can be painted.

How to paint a wooden fence?

For wooden fences, after sanding, dust removal and priming, we work with paint or thick glazes in 2 layers. Wooden fences can also be painted with a flat brush or you can also work with a manual paint sprayer.

Wooden fence before painting
Wooden fence before painting
Wooden fence after painting
Wooden fence after painting

How long should you wait before painting a new fence?

How often the fence needs to be repainted depends mostly on the material of the fence. It also depends on the type of paint it was previously treated with. In the case of wooden fences, it is worth repainting the fence every 3-4 years, in the case of metal fences, you should grab a brush every 10 years if you work with enamel paint, and in the case of vinyl fences, you can usually count on 10 years.

I hope that this article was useful for you and that I was able to provide you with help in the preparation and color selection of fence painting. If you decide to entrust the work to a professional painter and you have a property in Saint Augustine, feel free to call me! I work with short deadlines and only use quality paint! Call now: 1(904)217-9681

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