Exterior house painting service

Is the plaster crumbling or the paint peeling off your house? Then it’s time to get it repainted! Due to weather conditions, over time cracks and discoloration can appear on the exterior of your home. Don’t wait for it to start deteriorating, call me today to get it taken care of!

Exterior house painting service in Saint Augustine FL

House painting – home façade painting – wood surface – glazing wooden fences

For exterior painting I use moisture resistant paint. I always choose premium quality paint that already contains fillers. This gives the paint a smooth surface and a matte finish and creates a sun-proof coating. The paint is better resistant to weather conditions and fading. At the same time, it is vapor permeable, so it does not prevent wall ventilation. It’s advantages also include that it is easily cleanable and durable.

Paint for exterior wood surfaces 

When choosing paint for exterior wood surfaces, there are two important factors to keep in mind: it must be UV resistant and water-repellant. Wood prone to weather conditions fades very quickly. For this reason, I prepare the surface with an additional layer of protective primer. After sanding your porch, applying wood stains and wood finishing product i can give miracle results. Water base paint is recommended on interior wooden surface and furniture, while oil stain products are preferable on exterior porch and furniture.

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Glazing wooden fences

The first thing you notice when you get home is your fence, so its important that it looks good. I suggest applying flaxseed oil before glazing wooden fences or other outside wood surfaces to prevent splintering. Flaxseed oil is inexpensive and has no adverse side effects. It highlights wood grain and deepens wood color. I use a more diluted version before glazing and the surface of the wood will look as good as new!

If you prefer to do outside and terrace painting yourself due to the lack of professional help or doubts about having people at your house, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will complete your painting project without any personal contact!

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Professional wood and metal surface coatings

Home Façade Painting

I try to always accommodate my clients’ needs. I can work weekend and/or night shifts so offices and other institutions can operate uninterrupted during the renovations. We work not only fast but perform careful and precise work. I guarantee quality work and fair prices.

Before …

Old house wood surface in St. Augustine Florida

After … 

Repainted house wood surface in St. Augustine Florida

Most of my work is in the Saint Augustine area and includes exterior and interior house painting, touch-ups, and painting of offices, condominiums, and apartments. I can also help with choosing the perfect colors for your project!

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Drip-free painting

Exterior wood surface painting

Glazing wood fences

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Exterior house washing and repainting Saint Augustine Florida
Preparing the wooden surface of the house for painting
Old house painting service in St. Augustine Florida
Exterior house painting service Saint Augustine Florida
exterior house painting in Saint Augustine
exterior house painting in Saint Augustine FL
exterior house painting in Saint Augustine
exterior house painting in Saint Augustine
veranda painting
Porch painting in Saint Augustine in Florida
Porch painting in Saint Augustine in Florida
Porch painting in Saint Augustine in Florida

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