Protection against weather is a priority, and a meticulously executed exterior will speak for itself! Let’s look at all the advantages of exterior paint and benefits of painting your home.

1. Benefits of Exterior Painting: Provides Long-lasting Protection

The maintenance of the exterior of your home is not only a question of aesthetics, but it can greatly increase the lifespan of the building. Wood surfaces exposed to changing weather conditions will deteriorate much more quickly if neglected. Let me help you pick a good quality exterior paint, that is not only water-repellent, but comes in a variety of beautiful colors! The professional Sherwin Williams paints are available in over 1500 shades. You can choose the exact color of your dreams and rest assured that your home is protected.

2. Benefits of Exterior Painting: Increases the Value of Your Home

Painting the exterior of your home can increase its value up to 5%. It is estimated that your return on investment can be as high as 50%. It is time to pick out the perfect color for your home!

3. Benefits of Exterior Painting: Protects Against Contaminants and Damage

Professional grade exterior paints act as waterproof sealers for your home. They not only freshen up your home, but also prevent the growth of mold and mildew. This way, you can enjoy a safe, beautiful, and clean home without worrying about leaks or unwanted fungi.

Tip from Multicolor: Lead-based paints were banned in 1978 but lead paint can still be present on old walls, sometimes even under layers of newer paint. Due to its high toxicity, we take cautionary steps in preparing the surface of your walls, to preserve your, and your furry pets’ health.

4. Benefits of Exterior Painting: Renovation of Insulation Systems

Premium quality silicone based exterior paints are suitable for the renovation of insulation systems, noble and mineral plaster surfaces, and limestone and limestone-covered surfaces. We always start the renovation process with exterior primer paint, which increases the solidity and decreases the absorbency of the surface. When it comes to insulation systems, we always take into consideration the manufacturer’s manual, to assure the material used will last as long as possible.

5. It’s a fantastic feeling looking at a clean façade!

You paint the exterior of your home presumably so it looks good – but have you ever thought of how a newly painted home will make you feel? Oftentimes there is correlation between a neglected living environment and stress. If you give the exterior of your home a fresh coat of paint, guaranteed you will feel better every time you walk through the front door.

The basis of every successful job is planning. When you are getting ready for your exterior painting project, it is important to lay down some parameters.

I will need some information in order to give you a correct estimate for your exterior painting job. Below I have listed some basic questions that will come up.

How big is the surface area of the project?

The most obvious question, of course, is the size of your house. If you tell me approximately how many square feet the area of the exterior of your home is, I can give you an estimate on how long the job will take. The type of surface (rough surfaces may need up to 10% more paint and will likely take longer) and the number of layers can influence the timeframe.

What condition are the exterior walls in?

house exterior painting in saint augustine

Now we know the size of the project, but what condition are the walls in? Is the plaster peeling off or the paint cracking? Are the wooden frames rotting? The preparation of worn and damaged surfaces may take a longer time than the actual painting. The worse shape the walls are in, the longer the project will take.

The more windows and doors a home has, the longer the painting will take. Door and window frames require more detailed work; thus, they require more time. Furthermore, I always have to take into consideration any objects such as trees or fences that obstruct access to the walls or the need for special equipment such as scaffolding to reach high walls, which might increase the costs of the job.

Unpredictable weather?

For a successful painting job, it is best to a avoid severe weather conditions. We always look at weather forecasts to make sure that the weather will be ideal for the painting project. Sherwin Williams products provide a professional solution against extreme weather.

Let the professionals handle it!

Professional painters have the experience and technical knowledge needed for fast work. It takes a professional painter about 11 seconds to paint one square foot – this would be impossible to do without the many years of experience they possess. If you do it yourself though, you can do it at a leisurely pace.

I do a complimentary on-site survey of your property, taking into account the size, condition, and any extras to prepare your free quote. A survey of the property is always useful because I can help point out details you may not have noticed!

Painting the Exterior