When it comes to painting your children’s bedrooms, feel free to let your imagination run wild. If you are a good artist, you can paint some cute animals or your child’s favorite Disney characters. However, if you are not artistically inclined, don’t sweat it. I can show you a few ideas that others have tried and adored in their child’s bedroom. 

First, think about the colors you want to see in your child’s bedroom. It’s best if you have a base color to which you can add complementary colors. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your primary color.

Choosing the primary color for your child’s bedroom

– the child’s/children’s age(s): Nowadays even a toddler can have serious ideas about how he/she wants his/her room to look.

– the child’s/children’s temperament: Hues of purple, blue, and green are excellent relaxing colors for active and high-energy children. According to psychologists, falling asleep is easier when you are engulfed in these calming colors. Conversely, orange and red tones create the opposite effect, they can help your sleepy little ones get up in the morning

– the orientation and size of the bedroom: In my experience, the smallest room in the house usually becomes the child’s bedroom. In this case, we suggest visually increasing the size of the room. You don’t have to be afraid of light pastel colored or white walls. Even a snow-white room can come alive with the right furniture.

– the existing furniture’s color and size: Most furniture in a child’s bedroom is very colorful. Multicolored furniture looks better with a light and one-colored background. However, white and light wood-colored, easily cleanable furniture is becoming popular. These pieces will look gorgeous in front of colorful walls.

Children room painting
Child’s room

Wall color and furniture tips with pictures

  • When it comes to long small spaces, we recommend painting the side walls a light color and making the end wall more pronounced to avoid the space looking compressed.
  • If you have a stunning wide wall of cabinets, it’s a good idea to use a light almost unnoticeable sky-blue paint on the wall. It will accent and complement your beautiful cabinets.
  • Using one primary color with two complimentary colors is an excellent choice for a twins’ bedroom. It separates the two kids’ space well while maintaining harmony and radiating balance.
  • If I gave this tip without showing a picture, that a black wall can be an optimal choice for a child’s bedroom, most people would not take me seriously. However, this special chalkboard paint has become a favorite among many parents and children.

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