It is not simple task to calculate how much paint you will need – How far will the paint go during a total renovation?   Even as a professional painter, I often it happens that I am just a little short of paint to complete the job.  For this reason I recommend that you buy a little more paint then calculated  – Time is money, so it is a good idea to make sure you don’t run out of paint before the completion of your project.  In retrospect, with the overestimation of paint,  you are saving time and money if you happen to have that additional half gallon on hand rather than having to stop and sit in the car to go purchase what is needed.   If you have a little paint remaining, there are plenty of ways to use it up.

The extra paint left over is essential for small scuffs, scratches, or repairs down the road.  It is the same paint so you know touch up will be easy.  However, you must take into consideration that even the highest quality of paint expires after about 5 years – even if stored out of the elements.

If you run out, do not want to store extra paint cans, or if you are afraid that the paint will expire before you can use it, then read the rest of my tips for uses of interior wall paint.

Colorful patterns on the wall with wall paint remainders

Create patterns on monochromatic, neutral, or otherwise boring walls. Patterns can range from fashionable geometric prints to fun children’s room accents like a moon and stars, hearts, butterflies, or tree leaves.

Children room painting

Accented two-toned walls

Choose your wall you would like to accent and paint over it horizontally with a similar color to create an ombre look with tones that subtlety change from light to dark – or you could even choose two contrasting colors and create a hard line separating them.  For this look, starting at your table level is recommended – it takes a lot of energy to create a multicolor look in your room.  If this is something you are interested in, don’t stop here!  To further highlight your pictures or furniture pushed against the wall, you can also paint a frame around them. This is a great way to have these elements stand out from their surroundings.

Create a Checkerboard Pattern on Your Walls

The checkerboard pattern is a current trend when it comes to interior design. You will find this black and white square pattern on tiles, paving slabs, carpets, curtains, blankets, pillows, and many other home textiles. Of course, the traditional black and white combination is not mandatory.  But if you would like to experience its spectacular effects, you want to choose colors that are contrasting and complementary – Very little wall preparation and techniques are required for this simple pattern.  Creating slanted, wavy, or different sized cubes are difficult to create in a perfect pattern – that is why it’s worth using the traditional square pattern.  Just make sure you take the time to draw it out before applying paint.  It’s easy! Just use a ruler, pencil, and masking tape.

Paint Your Home Accessories

You can also use extra interior wall paint to add some color to your home accessories. Liven up your boring flowerpots or search for paintable wood or ceramic accessories to give them new life. For a more unique result, mix in some sand or baking soda to your paint. Sand will give you a rougher, concrete-like texture, while baking soda will create a smoother, paste-like effect that will give you a dazzling result. Be sure to experiment on less valuable objects first to see how the paint behaves on the material and if you like the end result.

When it comes to interior wall paint, it’s always a good idea to buy a little extra just in case. Not only will it save you time and money in the long run, but it also gives you the opportunity to get creative with your home decor. Whether you choose to touch up small scuffs, create colorful patterns, or paint your home accessories, there are plenty of ways to use up any extra paint you may have lying around.

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Interior painting service

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